TeleMedicine Visits Now Available in Your Home

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TeleMedicine Visits Now Available in Your Home

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About Us

Here at Universal Men’s Clinic, we want all men to live their best life. We believe that each man is unique, so we work closely with our patients to create treatment plans customized to their individual needs, utilizing safe and effective procedures that get results. If you want to be your best self, you need the best care.

Convenient Clinics

Universal Men’s Clinic has grown from a small office in Honolulu to an established network with locations in 10 cities around the U.S. Our clinics maintain the highest medical standards, offering men safe environments where they can speak openly about their health issues and get the in-person medical help they need.

Our Approach

There’s nothing boring about you, so why use generic pills and medications? Unlike the trendy men’s-health brands littering the internet, we take a science-based medical approach that’s customized around each patient’s needs and symptoms. At Universal Men’s Clinic, you do more than just purchase medication – you get one-on-one care from a medical professional who understands you and actually cares about you.

Our Confidentiality Promise

We know your sex life and erectile functions can be tough to talk about. That’s why we work to create a safe space where men can be open about their ailments, providing you the utmost confidentiality in a discreet (and comfortable) medical space.

Appointments are limited and scheduled, so every patient is taken to a private room immediately upon their arrival. All information, including the examination and assessment, is always kept completely confidential.

Our medical counselors work closely with each individual, allowing patients to ask questions and create a comfortable dialogue around their examination, assessment, and prescribed treatment.

Guys, it’s time to start feeling good about doing good for yourself.