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Compounded Medications

No two men are the same, and different bodies can respond differently to the same medication. That’s why Universal Men’s Clinic works closely with compounding pharmacies to offer customized medications.

The “one pill fits all” in men’s health doesn’t work for many men as sildenafil (commonly marketed as Viagra®) or tadalafil (commonly marketed as Cialis®) do not provide them with optimal results. This is often due to dosage or the delivery mechanism.

Universal Men’s Clinic’s medical providers don’t just pull generic medication out of the warehouse. They partner with compounding pharmacies to go beyond the “one pill fits all” medication and deliver truly customized treatments. Compounded medications allow medical providers to prescribe the exact dosage and delivery mechanism for optimal effectiveness.

When a patient is identified as benefitting from a medical treatment program, the medical provider prescribes a treatment program that targets that individual patient’s specific need and physiology. A partnering compound pharmacy then creates the medication specific to that patient’s prescription in terms of dosage and delivery mechanism. This personalized medication provides the patient with the best opportunity for success in treating their Low Testosterone or Erectile Dysfunction.

Patients can be confident in the quality of their medication as pharmacies are licensed and strictly regulated by the state and federal governments. They are also governed by standards set by the United States Pharmacopeial Convention and by regulations and guidelines set forth by accreditation agencies.

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